Pastoral Coaching

Pastors experience unique pressures and challenges.

Are you in a season where it seems like there’s just a lot to juggle? Boundaries are pretty blurred perhaps? Family life, ministry, marriage, elder board and staff pressures …. who has time for self-care? You may even be asking yourself if it’s time to leave the ministry or if you really were called to begin with.

Pastors and others working in ministry roles or environments experience unique pressures and challenges. I’ve worked with numerous pastors and ministry leaders over the past 23 years on issues including burnout, ministry frustration, isolation, marriage and sexual issues. Through those opportunities, as well as my seminary experience, I’ve developed a passion for helping people God has called into these roles.

Often times the pastor is the counselor to so many, yet they often lack a truly safe place to process their own issues. I provide the space where ministry leaders feel safe to take the mask off and be real, authentic and vulnerable (without fearing judgment).

Here’s what some of my clients say about their experience:

"Being a Pastor is often isolating, lonely and stressful. I can't begin to explain how life-giving it is to open up and share my struggles with a compassionate listener who isn't part of my church! Through Pastoral Coaching, I am becoming healthier while growing stronger as a leader."

Senior Pastor
"Dave asks perceptive questions and is an attentive listener. I have found his coaching to be immensely helpful and his wise counsel to be restorative and life giving. Not a week goes by when I do not say, I wonder what Dave might say or do in this situation."

Lead Pastor

"As a pastor, I need to manage anxiety (my own, others, the community). Coaching helps me slow down, be centered, and make wiser decisions. Working with Dave over the years has made me feel more supported and less alone through some difficult seasons of ministry."

Executive Pastor