Personal Coaching

Is personal coaching the right next step for you?

Perhaps you feel stuck in your career and are wondering how to move forward. Or you keep repeating the same detrimental patterns in your relationships at home or at work. All of us can feel like we’re in a rut at times and not making the progress we desire.

You might benefit from coaching. The discipline of coaching differs from counseling although there is some overlap between the two. With coaching, I help clients look forward and examine the impediments to making the progress that they want. We focus on setting goals and taking steps toward achieving your desired future.

I combine my business and management background with my life experience to help others realize their potential. Some clients have a specific thing they want to work on and can benefit from a few sessions. Others find it helpful to meet once or twice a month for longer periods for help in navigating their constantly evolving life challenges and opportunities.

I assist clients to envision what it is they want to change or create and then provide the motivation and inspiration to move forward on that path. Areas of focus can include any area, including:

  • Personal and romantic relationships
  • Career changes or progression
  • Life transitions (e.g. divorce, retirement etc.)
  • Parenting and family life
  • Personal growth and life balance

If you’re not sure whether you’d benefit from coaching vs. counseling, set up a consultation
and I can help you decide.